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T.e.s.t Software

What is it ?

Use cases
Use cases

It’s a tool dedicated to communication and data exchange, designed to send and receive information flows and data using several protocols (specific or standard).

What for ?

Typical use cases :

  • Equipment replacement by simulation
  • Simulation of different workload in front of the equipment under test.
  • Communication Protocol validation.

This tool can provide a lot more possibilities and functions that we can discuss together.

Thanks to its robotized arm and text recognition functionnality using a camera, this tool now allowed 100% rate of automated tests, keyboard and touchscreen included.

How does it work ?

Working principles
Working principles
  • Thanks to a C« like » and C« light » interpreted language, dedicated to communication and event oriented, capable of interfacing with other C programs.
  • Drived by its conductor which is open and multi-scenario.
  • Capable of integrating external protocols and programs (yours or ourselves).

Fully integrated in an Eclipse Framework, software programmers or testing teams can use a lot of usefull pluggins, such as :

  • Test campains management
  • Logs analyse tool
  • Real-time logs viewing
  • Data modeler and viewer
  • Protocol modeler and its pluggin generator
  • Validation document generator

Our knowledge and know-how in equipement communication testing


Based on the T.e.s.t. tool and the specific knowledge of our people, we can provide you a complete solution for the validation of your equipments.

Our mission is to deliver the service you need.

You can either rent or buy the T.E.S.T. tool and we can assist you to realize your tests with consulting and training.

For who ?

  • It has been used by ACS to validate a front-end communication system for the fare collection projects of the cities of Lille and Montpellier.
  • It is used by PRECIA MOLEN to validate the weighting systems of the AREVA customer.
  • It is used by SOLISTIC on the Mail Sort machines of the Royal Mail customer.
  • It is used by INGENICO to validate the remote-setup function of a TMS.
  • It is used by KROHNE to validate the I/O sensors.
  • It can be run under Linux or Windows. A simple PC is sufficient to simulate hundreds of equipments.
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