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IT services

Xool Technologies is an IT service company focussed on technical environments and solutions and we work every day to offer something different.

Technical assistance


Our people are never alone facing problems: we give them the requested support whenever needed on each project with every customer.

Our goal is to meet the project deadlines and also to give our people the right environment and well being necessary for them to be fully efficient.

References :

  • re-engineering of a banking application
  • Technical Support to integrate a WEB browser
  • Moving metrological applications to different environments
  • C source code analyser and test functions generator
  • Software development (embedded and system) in the Fare collection environment.
  • Software development of Embedded weighing applications.
  • Global validation of Fare collection equipments / solutions (Projects in Alger, Mexico…)
  • Toolchain porting project : analyzing and planning, including libc generation

Fixed rate projects


We can fully express our technical know-how and reactivity on fixed rate projects sized at 5 to 6 Human months.

We deliver detailled quotations that allow you to obtain the right price. We always do our best to propose innovative solutions that increase your advantage.

References :

  • Design of a mobile point of sale equipment for a project in Ivory Coast
  • Development of a management system for terminals
  • Software developement of a security application to re-activate CAD readers.
  • Design of a virtual machine for 7 digits display (PIC/ARM processor)
  • Move of an application from Win16 to Win32 in nuclear plant.
  • Design of Front end equipments for fleet monitoring
  • Design of a remote-reader system for energy meter
  • Development of remote-management and remote-collection systems (PC based)
  • Software for printing and tags encoding of animals earrings
  • Migration from CVS to GIT and bugzilla to Jira of development environment for all embedded software components in EFT, about 1200 git repositories
  • Analyze and design of project management with git/Mantis and validation process for Precia-Molen
  • Body's clinical rehabilitation machine
  • Automatic and self control of computer installed in toll lanes
  • Three computers system for Spectrometric analysis of the material

Third Party Maintenance

  • Third party maintenance application for old embedded software
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