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Test activity


We have developed a specific know-how about testing based on the usage of the T.E.S.T. tool and most of our people are involved.

Thanks to the specific know-how of our people associated with our tool that delivers very quickly test scenarios, we are able to provide cost effective answers for the testing phase of your projects involving communicating equipments.

Moreover, our tool is able to drive all interfaces of the tested equipment, keyboard or touchscreen included, thanks to our robotized arm. Test sessions can yet be automoatized at 100 % rate.

UNIX/Linus systems

We are Linux fans from the beginning and we can provide serious competences and know-how on technical software development in the free world.


We have provided numerous trainings for our customers and we can deliver consulting to help you selecting the products that best suit your needs in the free world.

  • System and functional specifications for embedded applications (RTAI, Xenomai,....)
  • Advices and choice of real-time Linux architecture
  • Development of a communication library for the Barcelona and Metz city fare collection projects.
  • Moving Windows applications to Linux and vice-versa.
  • Software development of a Linux application embedded in a physiotherapy machine.
  • Supervision software development for stamping presses, with befox.
  • Downloading software on Sésam Vitale card reader for Linux



Our experience is dedicated to your projects and your people. Either « Off the shelf » or specific trainings, we are ready to help you increasing the competencies of your teams.

  • UNIX Software Development trainings (systems API, IPC, semaphore, threads, sockets,…)
  • Setup of a configuration management process.
  • Consulting to help selecting tools (free world).

Technical management of projects

We master software design process and dedicated tools for source management (CVS, SVN, GIT, Jira, Mantis, Redmine,…). We already define and install such process and tools for customers.

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