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What is it ?

  • Clessim is a common platform (LBI/XOOL) designed to test the contact or contactless smartcard reader. It allows you to setup and run tests associated to Level 1 (Iso 14443, RCTIF, EMV, ...) and level 2 standards.
  • It is based on the T.E.S.T. tool for the execution engine and on a graphical tool to design the test scenarios-packages.
  • The Clessim software can drive any emulator available on the market. For Clessim, an emulator is no more than independent software plug-in.

Open solution

  • A dedicated database contains the test packages, projects and results.
  • The user has full control on all the test parameters (data exchange, schedule, errors, etc…) as he can write and design the test scenarios by himself.
  • A viewer can be used to help analysing the results.
  • External equipments can be driven and managed to automate global tests environments.

Powerful solution

  • The engine is designed to communicate with the EST (card or reader) using any frame, resend received data, define as many control values and threshold as needed and run actions depending on specific conditions or periodically.
  • It can be used separately (R&D mode) of with the manager module.
  • The manager module allows you to store any test package for any type of equipment.
  • It can sequence all the tests contained in a package or run the tests separately.
  • It allows you to compare the test packages, projects and the equipments.

Available test packages

Soon available :

  • ISO test package
  • EMW test package
  • RCTIF test package
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